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The Planning Stage
Every successful event starts with outlining your goals and expectations, and only then does the planning proceed. Vitalogy’s team is skilled at visualizing customer goals and then breaking the event down into a complete planning and implementation cycle. We can expand and contract as needed to screen anywhere from small employer groups to large employer groups with thousands of participants and multiple locations.


1) Program Planning and Design

Our team of planning experts meets with you to outline your goals, objectives and expectations. After this meeting, we work on creating a program to meet them.

2) Program and Event MANAGEMENT
Dedicated account personnel are assigned to each event. Budget and program status reports are constantly updated and readily available for reference. On the day of the event, a Vitalogy program manager oversees all functions.

3) EVENT Staff
During the event, our front-line staff knows they are acting as ambassadors for your company and they go out of their way to provide participants with a friendly screening experience that reflects positively on you. Because Vitalogy puts a premium on employee retention, the same staff members are often on hand to handle your event every year—another example of how positive relationships are the trademark of our company.

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