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DATA SYSTEMS - It all starts with a SPARK
(Screening Program Automation and Reporting Kit)

Vitalogy has the software, processes, and expertise to increase the effectiveness of your screening program. In addition programs can also be customized to any specific look, question range or data delivery.

What SPARK Does:

  • During the registration process, the participant enters his or her name and other personal information. Then a series of questions is completed to determine his or her health profile. SPARK places this information in appropriate fields and the health analysis process begins.

  • As the participant enters each stage of the testing, the SPARK software tracks his or her progress and additional fields are completed with individual data.

  • Once the participant has completed all of the testing stages, SPARK integrates the personal data and health history with the test values to create a personalized, printed health summary for that individual.

Software Customization

  • SPARK software can be customized by your company to incorporate branding, logos and any series of questions.

Personalized Risk Assessment Profile

  • A profile for each participant is provided that identifies risk factors based on test results and self reported data.

Summary Report

  • Aggregate data is generated after each program to provide key insights into the screened population.

HIPAA and Data Privacy

  • We secure the transmission, storage and access to the health data we collect to ensure the protection of this sensitive information.


  • Data is formatted to customer request and sent securely following HIPAA guidelines and delivered according to your specifications.

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