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The Big Picture = Results!

What results can your company expect to achieve by hosting a health assessment with Vitalogy?

For Employers:

  • Screen a maximum number of employees efficiently and provide immediate results
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Improve productivity by identifying at-risk employees and helping them better manage their own health
  • Generate goodwill by providing employees a free health care benefit
  • Provide data for implementation of health incentive plans

For Pharmaceutical/Health Product Companies:

  • Communicate face-to-face with your target audience
  • Generate foot traffic at convention booths
  • Get five times as much detailing time with physicians due to the extended 15-minute (average) screening process
  • Reinforce your brand awareness with brand-customized printed reports
  • Build a qualified database of at-risk individuals

For Managed Care Organizations:

  • Create additional value and a competitive advantage for your organization during open enrollment
  • Reduce health care costs with early detection and treatment
  • Improve compliance

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