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With nearly a quarter century of experience and over a million participants, Vitalogy has planned and implemented thousands of events. In addition to seamless processes and the delivery of advanced technology with stellar results, we have worked hard to create a culture rooted in people and relationships. On the back end, our friendly and dedicated management team works closely with your company leaders to ensure no detail is overlooked, and your goals and objectives are achieved. Most important, our front-line employees put a premium on outstanding customer service and the little things—a smile, a kind word, friendly conversation—that can make a routine health assessment a more pleasant experience.

Our team knows they are representing your company as the direct contact with your employees or customers, and we have confidence in them because they are our own group of professionals. We do not hire subcontractors or local temp services. Our employees work as a team and are cross-trained on policies and equipment to ensure stellar service. Since they don’t have to concentrate on procedures and learning new equipment, they can focus more on treating people special and being fantastic ambassadors for your company. Ultimately, Vitalogy saves you time, increases efficiency, and provides the results you need all while making your event an enjoyable experience for your attendees.

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