Real-time Data

Paperless Screening

Meet SPARK – it’s what makes Vitalogy … different.

SPARK stands for Screening Program Automation and Reporting Kit, but don’t let the funny acronym fool you. This is revolutionary biometric screening technology. SPARK is custom, proprietary data acquisition software that can gather, manage, and report health data in real time, on site.

We provide flexible screening options:

  • 1) On-site health events

  • 2) Health Care Provider visit

  • 3) Nationwide laboratory access

  • 4) At-home test kits

Today’s workforce isn’t tethered to a desk or time zone. We understand the need to reach a diverse and remote population, which is why we provide flexible options for participants. In addition to on-site health events, Vitalogy is equipped to receive screening tests provided by an employee’s chosen health care provider or through a nationwide network of laboratories across the U.S.

SPARK’s ability to deliver immediate, accurate, screening results to individual participants is unparalleled in biometric services. From the moment a participant signs in, SPARK collects, tracks, and analyzes information from registration to testing. Following testing, SPARK integrates the data into a personalized health summary for participants, and includes a risk assessment profile.

With SPARK, we deliver:

Custom, real-time solutions at events

Immediate, on-site data reporting

Increased participation & retention

Our data acquisition technology is designed to be flexible and customizable, which allows us to develop strategic, smart solutions—before or during an event—to get the best data. SPARK strips away the complex (and error-prone) process of gathering and analyzing data, and delivers the information quickly and efficiently. This aggregated data provides key, top-level health insights about employee health, and gives organizations the ability to create results-based corporate wellness incentive programs.

We are constantly working to evolve and expand SPARK’s capabilities. Ask us how we can enhance SPARK to deliver answers and solutions to improve your organization’s corporate wellness program.